The Quantum Planning Group

We are happy to share with you our Trump Presidency Scenario Game!  You can download the game here.

We hope that you will enjoy playing it (even with others).  We trust that it will help develop a balanced and forward-looking view of this change.  We welcome your comments! 

We are available to facilitate teams in playing the game in your organization and creating contingency plans.   Send me an email at:

This game was published in the first quarter of 2017, the very early days of the Trump Administration.  In light of the Russia election interference probe, the new Tax Law,  steel and aluminum tariffs, and other key issues, we think this game can be used to assess how the Trump Administration is moving from quadrant to quadrant in terms of policy directions..

A scenario we did not anticipate would be the impeachment of the President or his resignation under criminal charges.  We will leave it up to you whether such a scenario is plausible or its likely timing.